Nash: Don'T Mind With The Book Tag Team Difficult To Accept In The Lakers Jersey
Добавлено claire, 26 Июнь, 2012 - 04:25
Nash: don't mind with the book tag team difficult to accept in the Lakers Jersey

In less than a week's time, super guard Steve - Nash will become the free player, participating in the free agent market. The United States Monday local time, Nash to ESPN New York station program, wholesale jerseys china accepted the Stephen -A- Smith and Ryan Rock interview. Nash said, my attitude is very open. " I sounded like a is from the production out of the production line, but now I do so, I am very open." Nash said," I will definitely be scrutinized every possibility, I will not reject any possibility and opportunity." Before, Nash has said he intends to join Nicks, Nicks legend Fraser has also publicly up to Mr Nash, hoping that he joined Nicks, New York needs to he. In the interview, he has 16 years of occupation career veteran once again stand, he was interested in joining Nicks, he is not opposed to play with Jeremy Lin, nor against Mike - coach Woodson effect. " Maybe the fans are very much in love with Jeremy Lin, but I am not afraid of it," said Nash," I think it is great, it doesn't bother me. Everybody knows I really appreciate Dantoni manager, we work together wholesale jerseys free shipping over the years have been successful, but the past is the past, wait until July 1st to come, I will make the best decision." At present, the biggest obstacle to sign Nicks Nash there are two main reasons: the first is the salary space, although the players union statement before, said the award has been announced, Jeremy Lin and Novak Bird could retain articles, but NBA officials have appealed, the outcome of what still can make nothing of it; second is the competition environment, in addition to Nicks, the heat, the Lakers, calf, the nets, the sun would be Nash's final choice. On the season, Nash averaged 12.5points and 10.7 assists, he thinks he is the best one of the guard, he feels that he can at high level to play three season. Then, Nash will to champion joined the NBA champion heat, or join a past will his team beat team? " In fact, I am an old-school player, for me very hard to accept with the Lakers Jersey, is like this," said Nash," you in the playoffs to play them many times, wholesale jerseys paypal we have been rivals. I just put the Lakers for example, I very much respect for the team." " I still have to beat the best frame of mind to those teams, so this kind of feeling is very strange. But as a free player, you can freely choose which team, so I will consider all factors, no matter how the future or the past."