American Media: Kd Or Substituted Melon First Dream Ten International Match Of The Most Experienced
Добавлено claire, 16 Июль, 2012 - 09:15
American media: KD or substituted melon first dream ten international match of the most experienced

London Olympics coming, the United States men's cheap NFL jerseys basketball team is under tension for. Yahoo sports today the author proposes the United States team to the 5 issues of concern, as follows: 1, the United States team lineup? In the warm-up friendly against Dominica, Paul, Kobe, Lebron, Anthony, Chandler 's dream ten lineup. Unless Paul thumb injury deterioration, or he may well be the first guard. The only question is the big vanguard position. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Anthony is in the forward position first. But in the game against Dominica, Durant had24 points, it is likely that this position will eventually belong to Durant. But Durant for himself and thunder teammate Wesbrook playing bench said very fit. " Before the game the coach said, he said to Anthony, I said it was on me never mind, regardless of the team need to how to do," Durant said," there is a possibility that we will always do so, but I don't know." 2, who is the American team in London 's biggest rival? From the Gasol brothers leading spain. Their lineup included Fernandes, Calderon, Yibaka, Youth NFL Jerseys clavier, if Rubio was not injured, he will also be in the Spain squad. And Argentina by Ginobili and Scola, their leader, they are always a threat. In addition to Parke, Batum, Dior French team, but Nuo A is short of war. Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Brazil are also noteworthy national. 3, ten dream will become the history of the Olympic Games the most athletic ability, the fastest team? Speed and athletic ability is the United States of America 's main weapon, though it did not have Griffin, but Wesbrook, Paul, Deron Williams, is still very fast and a guard. Durant, Anthony, Lebron, Kobe are also fast expert. 4, whether the United States team on the height of? Dream ten lineup only 3taller than6 feet7 feet9, Chandler1, Loew 6foot 10, Davies 6foot 10. Anthony, Durant, Lebron to play power forward, and possibly in a small lineup of guest center. Despite his lack of height, but the dream ten all-around skill, they hope to use this to make up for. But against Spain height may become a problem, because the Spanish squad with the Gasol brothers, two men are7feet 1 and7 feet. But in turn, if Durant, Anthony hits the big vanguard 's words, the Spanish big tall to defend the flexible they are difficult. In 5, the United States team chemical reaction? Dream of ten chemical reactions is cheap jerseys since 1992 the United States began to send NBA player since the Olympic Games the best. Lebron and Anthony are the third battle games, Anthony, Kobe, Paul, Delong has worked at Beijing Olympic games. Durant, Chandler, Wesbrook, Loew, Iguodala, two years ago in a world championship won the gold medal together. No adult group international experience only Harden and Davies, this is the United States team history's most familiar degree and international experience a lineup.